We can provide you 30-60+ Leads Every Month that:

  • Actually call you
  • Are followed up with and CALLED by your managing broker on your behalf
  • Are contacted by a lender on your behalf
  • Are entered into our own, proprietary lead management software that allows you to track, follow up with, create drip campaigns and set your client up on email property alerts
  • So, much more...

Our company has an abundance of leads coming into our office and we need professional, competent real estate agents to work them. 

The ideal agent will have closed 12+ leads over the past 12 months but have a STRONG DESIRE to close 24+ a year. We can provide you with the leads and tools to make that happen. 

In addition, we offer a unique, online, proprietary lead generation system that can help you grow your own business (sphere, personal leads, etc.) while you work our leads. This system is free and only available to our brokerage. It is not provided by an outside "Lead Generation" company. 

Here's what you'll receive when you join us: 

  • 90/10 splits on personal transactions (including leads you generate with our systems)
  • 50/50 splits on leads we generate for you.
  • Your own custom SEO optimized IDX website with a high tech, lead management back end so you can set your clients up on daily email alerts and be notified when your clients log in to our website.
  • CTMeContracts paid for you
  • Tools for online blogging, ad posting, and more to help promote yourself and your website(s)
  • Personal coaching and instruction on these tools as well as help grow your business. (Your managing broker is the tech contact as well as the web developer / IDX provider.)
  • High Brand Recognition with one of the largest real estate companies in the Denver Metro Area (Metro Brokers)
  • Comprehensive training from our multi-office network
  • All of your listings showcased on Realtor.com
  • All of your listings featured on Zillow
  • Leads, leads and more leads
  • Much, much more.

If you are serious about growing your business and also have time to close an extra 1-3 deals a month, contact us today. 

Here's what we expect of our agents:

  • Honesty, integrity, and a positive attitude
  • Hard work and commitment - Leads need to be followed up with to be converted.
  • Personal responsibility - Our systems work, but they need to be followed and done on a regular basis.
  • Desire to learn and grow your business
  • Attend two, 1-hour virtual team meetings each month
  • Real estate is your full-time job.

We are NOT a company with 300+ agents and one managing broker. We are a tight-knit, professional team who want to produce and increase their income drastically.

If you're looking for a "quick fix," we are NOT the company for you. However, if you bring a desire to succeed and put in the work, we can make you highly successful. 




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